I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 8.1 via Boot Camp… I would like to log into my computer using voice recognition or facial recognition and found some software called KeyLemon… The software claims I can use their software to log into my Windows 8.1 installation just by opening up my computer and looking at it. Actually, they are not saying it exactly like that… But that is the way I’m interpreting what they are saying. So I just searched for “KeyLemon windows 8.1 review”… No solid results in the top 10… Good sign or bad sign? I am tempted to install it right now… But I think some additional research is warranted. Prior to this search I searched for “KeyLemon bootcamp macbookpro”… And “KeyLemon windows 8.1 problems”… I also did not discover any gems of information. I finally discovered this helpful review… Only problem is the review was not covering Windows and was more than three years old. Essentially the review stated the software was much more refined on the Windows operating system than the Mac. That being said the review was covering the Mac software which was at the time in in its first version. The review also discussed how well the software did or didn’t recognize faces in different lighting conditions. Evidently when lighting conditions change the software needs to learn what you look like in that new environment. I decided it would be a good idea just to email their support department and ask them my questions. I’m waiting to hear back from them before I put any more effort into this.