Quick summary of the past few days:

Went to the skateboarding park a couple times.  When surfing today.  The swell is getting bigger so it should be a good day tomorrow if I go to sleep any time soon.  I need to buy a $600 knee brace if I want to continue my skateboarding career because my right knee is just an accident waiting to happen after it was weakened in my motorcross accident and injured further in my wake boarding accident.  But $600 is a small price to pay for the pleasures and rewards that skateboarding gives you.  I will make an entry for the skateboarding park here in Bali just as soon as I get my new photo gallery setup.  Sorry to keep you waiting.  Actually I’m not sorry; I’m not doing it for you.

May and I had some Balinese massages yesterday; I would give it five out of 10.  But then again if you’re paying only six out of $10 you can’t really complain.  At least you can’t complain if you are comparing the price to what you might pay in the states or Western Europe.  My favorite is still the blind massage in Phuket town.  Everyone who works there is blind.  This means that they are more in touch with your body because they are not distracted by sight.  Two hours for less than five dollars makes it a perfect 10 on Wes’s massage scale.

We bought six new pirate DVDs yesterday; they are a dollar apiece but I was disappointed when I found out that two of the new releases were “screeners”.  Screeners are the ones that have been filmed with a video camera at the movie theater.  This usually means they have terrible sound, bad color, no directors commentary, no deleted scenes, and every now and then you see the silhouette of someone get up from their seats and go to the bathroom.  It’s a good thing they have a good return policy.

Bali just received its newest shopping center centered around the French supermarket Carrefour.  The first time we went there it was opening day and I have never seen so many people shopping at one time.  There was the moment where I climbed up on the potato rack and crowd surfed over to the papaya stand.  Reminds me of the time when I was at the Metallica concert watching people crowd surf when I saw a guy in a wheelchair do the crowd surf.  I guess that a warning like “hey get down from there, you’re going to break your neck!”  would not effect a guy like that.  Anyway, today when we went shopping we decided not to go to the new and sexy Carrefour because of our previous bad experiences.  Here is what I don’t like about them.  To get into the parking lot you have to undergo a security check where a security guard opens up your glove compartment, your trunk, any big bags, and then circumnavigates your vehicle with a fisheyed mirror on a dolly looking for bombs underneath your car.  You have to undergo another backpack or purse check to enter the main building.  And then they want you to check your bags at the front to stop you from shoplifting.  What is really stupid is that these measures would not detour even the most idiotic bomber.  I mean think about it; if you have a bomb in your car what is going to stop you from driving right through the security stand?  Absolutely nothing.  They do the same thing on the main drag in Phuket.  They don’t let anyone drive down the road from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m. but I guarantee you if I’m on a rampage hopped up on serotonin uptake inhibitors a couple of security guards with nightsticks standing next to some florescent cones will just be two extra goons for the body count.  Getting back to my bad experience at the supermarket…

They do have a rather impressive seafood section at first glance.  However if given the time for subterfuge (thanks Keitel) you will notice that some of the fish are far less than fresh.  In fact their eyes and fins have turned pasty white and they are meandering around the tank aimlessly bumping into the glass.  I also don’t like how you have to have your vegetables pre-checked and then choose file on final check out.  Why don’t the ladies at the front just know how to check the vegetables?  Maybe they are too cheap to put in scales at every cash register.

Okay, that was a little bit more than a summary of the past few days.  Time to go to sleep.