Had two big issues with the new skype version 4.1 so I searched for “downgrade skype” for some tips… there were none.

Then I tried “download older versions of skype” where I found this site that has older versions of skype for download. Downloading version 3.8 now.

I started to uninstall the new version of skype which I don’t like  from the control panel and it said that I would lose my chat history so I searched for tips on that “downgrade skype without loosing your chat history” which gave me no help.

I then decided I could live with losing the chat history and uninstalled anyway.

The new skype was:

  1. Too large.. before it was skinny and tall, now it is wide like a browser.
  2. Too different… not easy for me to do the stuff I already knew how to do.
  3. A little bit ugly.
  4. Causing some miscellaneous problems with my voice recognition.