June 22, 2007

We just arrived Nusa Lembongan. It is 3 p.m. on Friday. I reserved the three rooms on the beach at Linda’s bungalows this morning. Around nine dollars per night; not bad at all. Especially when you consider that there is a perfect surf spot just off my front door step. In fact I am looking at it now. Lacerations to my left. And shipwrecks to the right. We reserved the room number two; it has the best view of the lot. On the horizon in the distance is Sanur. Just over the rooftops to the right on the horizon are two active volcanoes hidden behind the clouds. I’m hoping they will show themselves tonight or tomorrow morning. The water in front of the hotel is no more than 3 feet deep. It gets no deeper than 3 feet until you get beyond the reef roughly 250 yards out. Where the waves meet the reef is where the surfing gets good. The locals of Nusa Lembongan Farm seaweed from the shallows surrounding the island. It is exported and used in the cosmetics industry. I’m not sure if this seaweed is sushi grade. May, grandma, and Tawan are in room number five taking a cat nap. Upon arrival John quickly consumed a plate of fried rice and then he was off on his four-hour dive trip. A two tank dive for around 50 US dollars.

I should have a chance to catch some waves around 4:30 p.m. when the tide drops. Right now I have some urgent business to take care of for Johannes. I saw an Internet café down the way a little bit; hopefully I will be able to connect and post as well as upload the changes to his sea kayaking website.

This would not be a bad place to work from for a month or two. Not much to do besides work, surf, and stare at the beautiful view.

The big yellow catamaran just departed; it is heading back over to Benoa harbor. Evidently the Japanese pay big bucks for the tour. When the catamaran arrives it hooks up with this massive wharf complete with a water slide, restaurants, and trampolines. I suppose that it could be fun.

I can see where they have planted the seaweed; it shows up as a deep green color whereas the areas not yet planted or recently harvested are very light green. When the tide goes down you can see the wooden stakes surrounding each plot. It is common knowledge among the locals not to impale your self on these stakes while surfing.

There doesn’t seem to be a power outlet out here; when are those scientists going to invent wireless electricity?

I think I will take a cat nap as well; talk to you on the other side.

Photos of Nusa: http://images.google.com/images?um=1&tab=wi&q=nusa%20lembongan