Just a quick update on what’s happening down here; had a nice cold for the past few days.  Haven’t had one for a couple years I don’t think.  Went up to Ubud last weekend; it is a thriving artist community and tourist destination about an hour north of kuta.  We didn’t have much fun; this kind of hung around and looked at the handicrafts.  Bought a couple of DVDs for a dollar and watched them back at the hotel.  What we should have done in Ubud: went to the bird park, rented some bicycles and rode around, maybe check out the elephant Park, take one of those wood carving courses.  The next time. 

Here is the website that I frequently visit for my daily surf report: http://www.baliwaves.com/ the guy updates it daily and always has a fresh batch of photos to admire.

I have not had a good surf since mid last week so I am looking forward to the latest swell tomorrow morning.

See anything you like?

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