I was researching making iphone/mobile phone friendly websites because it seems like the mobile Internet has finally taken off.  I was hoping that I could just add some css to my existing site and avoid making and maintaining a separate mobile site. I have things still on the to do list of my desktop website so how can I justify making a whole separate site just for mobile users who are still far and few between?

I saw that there was a plug-in for WordPress to automatically “mobilize” a WordPress blog and looked into that little bit.  I think this direction is the best direction because you avoid having to make another website specifically for mobile users. Installing a WordPress plug-in usually takes around 15 minutes… making a new website (  even a simple website  ) can take several hours.  I found a few WordPress plug-ins for the iPhone and mobile users in general.

Then I was thinking about the duplicate content issue… even if you copy a normal website and make several changes to it to make it mobile friendly Google might frown upon having the same information in two different places.  This turned out to be a legitimate concern.

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What I found that was worthwhile:
This pdf is easy to read and forces you to take a smart approach to what you want out of a mobile site and how to satisfy mobile users.

This google mobile documentation gave tips on page header, doc type, and site maps specifically for their mobile results.