Watch how fox, cnn, and other news outlets don’t mention how Ron Paul is doing; they are going out of their way to give the impression he doesn’t exist. 2nd in Nevada and they focus only on South Carolina; 2nd in Louisiana and they only mention Mcain. Meanwhile major airtime is given to Rudy and his need to win florida even though he has never came in above Paul. And there is a new racial spin on the Obama Hillary fight everyday. Divide and conquer.. Edwards is also ignored.

I drove through 16 states just two months ago and saw no support for any candidate anywhere with the exception of Ron Paul who was all over the place. Bumper stickers on cars, signs in yards, banners out of windows, entire truckstops and billboards, barns, and pickups pulled up to the side of I-90 with homeade billboards where just some of the support I saw for Paul as I drove over 10,000 miles around the west coast and midwest.

Paul has a real grassroots following that is growing faster than all of the other candidates, he has received over 20,000,000 from everyday people, and there is even a Ron Paul Blimp flying around that was organized and financed not by Paul but by Americans who see through the “illusion” and are taking action. 

No other candidate has this interesting of a story; so why do they spend so much time talking about other candidates? The answer is they are using their position as “gatekeepers” to control what information you receive which will in turn influence your ability to make an informed decision. 

“I went numb when I learned to see”
~Use your Illusion