Aug 2012 update: Update my favorite app for auto uploading screenshots to ftp locations is a little app called “clupper” …you can set it up to ftp to your own ftp locations and has a basic annotation and maybe cropping tool too… The coolest thing is it puts the image url onto your clipboard. Details here:

Oct 8 2010 update: I just found this Google Chrome extension that is also a great option. Cons: the image url links to a page that shows the image plus an ad! It isn’t suitable to insert images into a post like this for example. Also no ftp to your own domain….but it does upload and give you a url….. pros: lets you crop, annotate, blur, capture a full website,  easy social links to share : facebook, twitter, google buzz, hotmail, no delicious. Awesome Screenshot

I finally found a cool little application that should have been invented 10 years ago. It is the easiest way I know of to share a screenshot. No saving necessary, no photo shopping necessary, no uploading necessary. You may remember I blogged about this back in 2008 ( see the post here )

You simply press a shortcut to enable the screenshot mode… then you select area on your screen that you would like to capture… then you have the option to annotate and tag your image… then you click one button to have the image automatically uploaded… the URL of the image is automatically added to your clipboard.


Images are uploaded to a third-party website… no guarantee how long it will stay online for. Images are uploaded in JPEG format only (  you do get to choose a quality level  ).  Doesn’t seem to support multi-monitors  (  it only captures on one of my monitors  ).

The “ClipUpload” option below supports uploading to your own FTP server but unfortunately requires you download and install version 4.0.Maybe next time.

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