Somewhere along the lines Skype started to charge a “connection fee” of about four US cents per call.  The dollar has continued its downward spiral making the €1.5 cents per minute more expensive yet.  I was spending about $60 per month on Skype.  I finally decided that that was just too much and was considering switching back to Vonage.  The problem with vonage is that I can’t dial my contacts via voice recognition easily like I can with Skype.

So I got on to the Skype website and bumped into an unlimited landline plan to the United States for just €10 per month.  This plan also included the voicemail and free phone number which I was paying extra for before.  I immediately started thinking that this was too good to be true and simultaneously thinking that this was going to save me about $50 per month and cost Skype about $50 per month which led me to wonder why they would offer such a plan.  I guess there must be heaps of Skype users out there who use less than €10 per month who would be suckers enough to buy it to make up for the money they’re losing when I sign up for this plan.  Whatever the formula was I quickly signed up and am now deciding what to spend my extra $50 per month on.