I’ve had this problem…. I get an email with a link in it and I want to open the link on my mobile phone ( Android / Iphone / Symbian ) .… I’ve got dropbox installed on my mobile and I was looking for an easy way to get that link from my desktop into my mobile phone via the dropbox.

I couldn’t find anything when I searched for “can we put links into a dropbox” so I tried searching for “save a website as a shortcut into your dropbox” and wah-lah… what do we have here!!

Drag and Drop Method:

First you need to visit the url you want to save to your dropbox…

Next open up your local dropbox folder….

Next drag the little icon in the URL field of the browser into your dropbox…

This will create a small file in your dropbox that is actually a shortcut to the webpage/URL. It does not actually save the whole website in the dropbox which is why we call it a shortcut.

Create shortcut using text editor Method:

Open up a text editor and type in the following:


Then save it into your dropbox as my-shortcut-to-whatever.url

Make sure it has the .url extension.

==================== End ====================

Anyone else have a better way?