Was looking for an android app that collects items collected to your android clipboard and allows you to re-paste them at a later time. I also wanted the items to be available on other Android devices so that meant it had to be a cloud type tool… here is my progress:

Cloud Copy Paste: – This was a no go for me cause the clipboard items are stored publicly on their site.

Clipboard: -  Had bad reviews.

ClipBird – Not compatible with my devices but claims to sync last 10 items ( weak ) with phone and pc.

Clipboard Contents – Claims to backup to google backup cloud somehow… but no options related to that in the options. hmm. Also could use some sort of organizational tools for the clips.

EverCopy – Copies the selected text from your Evernote account. I like the idea of this cause you can password protect your evernote clips. And organize them.

Dropbox – I’d like it if there were a simple way to do this via dropbox… a search for dropbox android clipboard didn’t turn up much.

TelePaste – Looks like it has the cloud function… not sure about privacy. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.telepaste&feature=search_result