Note: this only works for chrome users….I was looking for a easy way to automatically open up a URL on my mobile phone that I had open on my desktop… For example I’m looking at a website that I’m developing ( on the desktop ) and I want to see what it looks like on my mobile device and I would click on a button to make the tab open on my mobile device browser.

I found some plug-in that claimed to do this; it didn’t work for me ( Chrome to Mobile ) . Next I discovered that chrome has a feature that synchronizes tabs across devices.
So to open up a tab that you have open on your desktop on your mobile you follow these steps… Open up chrome on the mobile device, click on the three little dots up in the top right corner… Then click on the “recent tabs” option… There it will show you the other tabs you have open on your other devices. No, this solution isn’t as good as a single click from the desktop browser to open up the tab…. but it will work for me now.