We have our repo on github setup so that it will auto ftp/publish the updated site/changes to our shared webhosting account ( dreamhost ). We didn’t use Netlify hosting because that is only free for non business type sites. We also set things up so that only the changes since the last publish are ftp’d to the site. This keeps the gatsby build time down. We used the following Gatsby plugins to get this working with Github actions:

– SFTP Incremental Build
– Netlify-cache plugin
– SFTP Cache Plugin

Originally we had our repo on Bitbucket but had issues getting the incremental build and cache working. This caused long build and publish times to get the site ftp’d to the shared host. Times in excess of 40 minutes. Crazy. So we moved the repo to github and now it builds in like 45 seconds. Reach out to me if you’d like help with this. Thank you.

Things I searched for while setting this up: Get bitbucket to incrementally build gatsby images.