This is a jquery script that you add to your static websites to automate the linking together of a series of pages. I needed it to link together a product tour but you could easily use it for many other purposes.

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Problems this solves:

  1. No need to manually add “back” and “next” links to each page
  2. No need to link each back and next page to the relevant pages.
  3. When you want to reorder the pages you don’t need to re link the pages.

We got it working in three different ways. The first way involves entering the urls of the pages you want to link together into the javascript.js file in the order you want. The second way skipped the manual entering and pulls the urls from an unordered list ( that is already on each page for navigation ).  The third way asks you to manually enter the urls once into the javascript.js file and then takes care of adding the unordered list as well as the next/previous links to all pages. Very slick.

Download the version that you manually enter in the urls

Download the version that grabs the urls from an unordered list

Download the version that creates the unordered list and back next links








I posted the question to StackOverflow and got an answer here

It didn’t exist before but some helpful guy named Andy ( ) was nice enough to whip it up for me. I reimbursed him with a quick PayPal payment to say thank you.  Thanks Andy!

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