screenshot-1Summary: you want to have WordPress automatically import external images that you have indebted in your blog posts so that those external sites don’t get angry that you’re stealing their bandwidth and also to prevent broken images in the future when that other site removed the image.

This WordPress plug-in does exactly that… although because I had so many old posts the retroactive feature where it goes through and finds all external images inall previously posted posts was not working… however it was working for new posts that I created.

Here’s a link to the plug-in: 

As a way of saying thank you for the plug-in make sure to click on some of his Google ads!

  • Finds all external images linked in the SRC attribute of IMG tags and makes local copies of those images
  • Allows the SRC to be updated to point to those local copies
  • Can be applied to posts in all categories, or only those selected
  • Can be applied to all authors, or only selected authors
  • Administrator has the option to replace the external src with the url of the local copy. Another option allows the plugin to be applied to all external images, or only to those on Flickr.

This article would be helpful if you are googling for the following: "wordpress plugin import image from external url", or "wordpress image importer from external url images" or several other variations.