Short summary of today:

Woke up around 11 a.m., wrote up an article on remote backup for my blog, handled some business-related e-mails, read some articles on and the Seattle Times about the North American Union, then drove down to Padang Padang, waves were small so Tawan and I did some spelunking and snorkeling, drove back to the house, had a shower, actually I had a bath because our water pressure is pathetic, did another hour or so of nonbillable work on the computer, took the family into the city over to our friend Gday’s for some Babi Guling (Balinese for pig cooked on spit), exchanged my rental car for a new one with no battery problems, enjoyed a couple Bintangs, drove back home, stopped by McDonald’s on the way for a flurry, watched a feel-good movie with Anthony Hopkins called “The World’s Fastest Indian”, debated on watching the second movie with Matt Damon and Robert De Niro called “the Good Shepherd”, decided against watching the movie so that I could try to keep to my normal schedule for this upcoming workweek, wrote up this quick journal entry, published it to the Internet, did a quick e-mail check for good measure, (I am now writing about the future), had a quick look at the news headlines, put my computer on standby, turned off my wireless Bluetooth headset, hit the lights, wondered when the new Metallica album produced by Rick Rubin was going to be released, hit the sack, and that is that.