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A morning swim for the little guy. He's getting more brave around the surf.Cool sandy beach with wave shots.This one has more contrast.He's at the "lets pick up everything and throw it" stage. Morning coffee was had here.The solar messiah gives way to the danger filled night.

More Koh Lanta2010-03-07T10:52:06-07:00

Pet Monkey and the yacht club

Someones pet monkey.The small yacht club we launch the nacra from. No wind today so we repaired the main traveller. They have eight of these Optimists for kids sailing school. The king of thailand was quite a good sailor in his day. Looking east beyond the tire swing is a pearl farm. The family that owned this whole beach was offered 20 million ten years ago. They turned it down. Today there are several small homes that rent out for $300 or so a month. I might have to look into leasing one long term because the beach is nice and the water is very clean. Perhaps all those oysters in the pearl farm help clean the water.Looking the other [...]

Pet Monkey and the yacht club2009-10-11T22:46:32-07:00

Geckos and waves

A stormy day looking south across patong bay. Had a decent surf after. Geckos .

Geckos and waves2009-10-01T06:11:33-07:00
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