Raja Muda and King’s Cup

On the beach this mo . . . Looking out at all the boats.The last dinner we had at ko Mook about 62 miles south of phuket. 72 miles from Langkawi. I had the snapper.Next time your in langkawi stop in to Maja Raja indian food in georgetown next to the theater. Top drawer. Another tastey roti goes down.

Raja Muda and King’s Cup2009-12-03T09:31:42-07:00

A Thai ice cream sandwich

The ice cream guy drives around selling these. Takes a bit of getting used to. Great homemade ice cream. Those are beans, corn, and some other thai fruit on top.

A Thai ice cream sandwich2009-11-10T13:34:22-07:00

Thor and the corn lady

The new paint job and graphics. Dropping it back in the water today.The corn lady making her rounds. The corn is stripped off the cob and mixed with coconut shavings, butter, salt, and sugar. Makes for a healthy desert. About 20 baht.

Thor and the corn lady2009-11-09T19:50:33-07:00
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