O’Reilly admits we can’t leave Iraq because Iranian “Jihadists” will get the oil.

This exchange occurs around the 7th minute of this video clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gkDjz_eRoaw&feature=related during the interview on the David Letterman show. Bill: "Iran takes over and then you have a situation that is 10 times worse because the oil flow then goes under the Jihadists in Iran ... Do you wanna debate geopolitics with me? " Dave:  "So there it is ... Its all about oil...you just answered the question..." Bill: "Absolutely its all about oil the whole world is about oil" Dave: "It's all about oil.. thats why we're there... big deal" Bill: "Your shows not going to be on the air..." At this point Dave interrupts Bill and they start rehashing the argument again. I wonder where Bill was [...]