Zemanta… WTF ..“Your not the owner of these preferences”

First problem with Zemanta… after doing my first post with the wordpress plugin I went to my blog and clicked on the “reblog” button expecting my preferences to pop up with all my custom flickr, facebook, and rss feeds available but they were not. I clicked on “preferences” and tried to login to which it responded “Your not the owner of these preferences”… hmmm […]

Zemanta… WTF ..“Your not the owner of these preferences”2020-01-28T15:52:02-07:00

Reviewing Zemanta – What to exprect

This is my first encounter with yet another Internet service ( Zemanta.com )  that is potentially useful and essentially a tool waiting for a purpose.  I never thought about needing it… yet I feel some sort of responsibility to review it. But what is this tool really and is it worthwhile? […]

Reviewing Zemanta – What to exprect2020-01-28T15:52:02-07:00
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