Today I was learning about bittorrent and ended up wondering if anyone has started to bust anyone in Thailand for filesharing. I searched for “Thailand filesharing busts” to see if anyone was getting busted sharing torrents using vuze or other popular clients. I found a video that explained how they can zero in on the pc that is sharing very easily and how proxies that mask your ip address and torrent clients that use block lists or black lists to prevent you from downloading from certain big seeders who are most likely authorities gathering data for future busts. The do gooders engaging in evil for the greater good.

My search for “thailand file sharing busts” turned up nothing but a few people on a forum letting everyone know that the expats in the land of smiles have got a pretty good archive of stuff.

Here is the link to my search

I did’t bother to search for any other phrases figuring if there was anything happening it would have been in the top ten results. Anyone else hear anything different?

Other words synonyms: p2p napster azureus thailand phuket bangkok ji net max net crackdown,