Just added three new commands to my global Vocola commands to easily control my last.FM client.

If I’m working on something in my browser while listening to last.FM I can just say "Last love this song" which triggers a macro that switches over to last.FM and clicks on the love this song button and then switches back over to my browser.  I know you’re thinking "who has time to set up weird stuff like this on their computer" and the answer to that question is you’re asking the wrong question… the question you should be asking is "why aren’t you adopting next-generation technology and enjoying its benefits today?"

For Vocola/NaturallySpeaking users you just need to copy and paste this into your global voice commands.

last ban this song = SendSystemKeys("{Ctrl+Alt+f3}") Wait(300){Ctrl+b}{Alt+tab} ;
last love this song = SendSystemKeys("{Ctrl+Alt+f3}") Wait(300){Ctrl+l}{Alt+tab} ;
last skip this song = SendSystemKeys("{Ctrl+Alt+f3}") Wait(300){Ctrl+Right}{Alt+tab} ;