Fring is a little program that you can download and install on your Nokia N95 mobile phone. Fring will allow you to make voice calls to your Skype contacts, MSN messenger contacts, and Google talk contacts using a WiFi connection instead of a cellular connection. This means all minutes that you talk on your phone using Fring do not count towards your monthly minutes. Fring will allow you to dial a number and choose how you want the number to be called; it will ask you if you would like to use your cellular connection, your WiFi connection, your Skype out connection, et cetera.Fring will also allow you to load your SIP settings from your voice over IP provider. For example I have an account with VoipDiscount and have credit with them at the moment. I was able to load in my user name and password along with the VoipDiscount SIP address into the SIP settings of Fring. I was disappointed that my VoipDiscount contacts were not loaded the same as my Skype contacts were.

I have another account with Gizmo; they are another Voip provider. I also downloaded specific software from their website for my phone and purchased a $15 credit for outgoing calls. They have rates that are comparable to Skype. I had to put in my gizmo username and password into my phones SIP settings. Then I was up and running.