I use a little bit of software called RoboForm to help me keep track of all my Internet logins.  This software should be in any Internet users toolkit.  Here is an example of how I use my RoboForm :

Logging into your bank account online without RoboForm: open your browser, type in the website address for your bank, click on the login link, enter your username and your password, click on the submit button.

Logging into your bank account online with RoboForm: click on the RoboForm logins button, click on your online bank account shortcut.

That’s it; just two clicks and RoboForm automatically opens your browser, visit the website address, enter your username and password, click on the submit button, and there you are.

I use it for logging into all sorts of different websites such as forums, Google accounts, e-mail accounts, credit card accounts, website hosting control panels, etc..

I am using the software in conjunction with voice recognition software and Vocola.  Here are the commands that I have set up that allow me to quickly log into my websites via voice recognition:

robot = {shift+alt+x};
fill and submit = {shift+alt+s};
Roboform toolbar = {shift+alt+r};
password generator = {shift+alt+p};
fill forms = {shift+Alt+f} ;
show Roboform = “{Shift+Alt+]}” ;
fill Roboform = “{Shift+Alt+]}{shift+Alt+f}” ;
submit Roboform = “{Shift+Alt+]}{shift+Alt+s}” ;