The Vocola commands allow me to initiate Skype calls from within my browser.  Skype has poor shortcut support so this is the best workaround I’ve found so far.

When I say “call someone now” I can then utter a phone number such as 555-213-9610 and then say press enter.  A Skype window will pop up asking me if I really want to make a call and I say “okay” and the call is initiated.

If I want to call Johannes I just have to say “call Johannes now” and Skype will give me the pop up window to verify that I want to make the call.

If I have a phone number on the clipboard I just have to say “call clipboards now” and the phone call will be initiated.

#working with Skype contacts commands
call someone now = {Alt+d}skype:+1?call{Left_5};
call clipboards now = {Alt+d}skype:+1{Ctrl+v}?call{enter}; 
call <Skypecontacts> now = {Alt+d}skype:$1?call{enter};

<Skypecontacts> := (
Johannes = +13805184223
| RE/MAX = +13803385858
| George = +6676297