I have one bank account with Wells Fargo and they have this handy feature that allows you to look at scanned pictures of all checks deposited into my savings account.  This feature came in handy one or two times in the past and a couple minutes ago it would have come in handy however I was surprised that the feature is no longer free; they want three dollars per month to activate this feature. I guess I could call their 800 number and have someone help me… they probably charge for that now too.  This online banking stuff allows customers to service themselves and must save the bank heaps of money; but the market is demanding more money.  Another complaint I have about my Wells Fargo banking account is that I am only allowed five withdrawals from my savings account per month.  The penalty is $10.

The problem is that I don’t know of any other banks that will treat me any better.  I also have a key bank account; I don’t use them very much because they shafted me a year or two ago.  I just tried to login to my online account with key bank and it is asking me to jump through a bunch of extra hoops to “confirm my identity”… it wants my credit card number, issue date, pin number, and that is just too annoying for me to tolerate.  I think we need more competition in the banking sector.

I mean think about it, how do these guys get away with treating us like they do?  And of course it only seems to be these large banks, phone companies, utilities, and credit card companies that get away with it.  Wal-Mart treats their customers good.  I’ve heard different about their employees… let’s not get started on Wal-Mart.

Does anyone know of a more customer friendly bank?