For a while I was sending out messages every time I updated my weblog.  But I started to feel like I was spamming everybody and I was a little too self-important.  So from now on I’m just going to feel self-important once a month or so and send out a newsletter containing links to all of the posts that I’ve posted recently.

Friends who are blogging new friends of mine who are blogging.
Of course the people don’t want war. The relevant quote from the Nationalist Socialist party.
Tonsai beach Krabi here we come our recent trip to the beach.
Dumbing down Washington State Washington state math scores going down and down and down.
Ecological Terrorism on Orcas Island someone on orcas tries to chain saw the power lines.
“Super Cat” by Tawan recent drawing by Tawan.
Stiglitz: $3 TRILLION Iraq legacy to hit next President 
Last.FM and replay media catcher my favorite way to listen to music nowadays.
Killed San Juan forum already… reborn bigger and better new place to talk online about local issues in the San Juan Islands.
Sound Off: Washington may charge $40-240 yearly ‘greenhouse gas’ global warming tax 
The FBI’s “Most Wanted Terrorists” web page does not state that Bin Laden is wanted for the September 11
Google makes a simple business decision; lie by omission to make money.

Teiki’s Surf Charter Biz a surfing video of my friend in Indonesia.
Alan Greenspan… “the Fed is an independent agency, answers to no one” the federal reserve is private?  Alan Greenspan must be a conspiracy theorist.
Arnold Schwarzenegger pumping the THC I love youtube for this reason.
Who’s Line Is It Anyways… Wayne gets surprised some excellent improvisational comedy.