Wiki technology is interesting because it enables you to hyperlink words and phrases to more information about those words and phrases.  Enabling anyone to weave his way through the train of thought and knowledge.  It would be nice to be able to have all of my voice-recognition writings be automatically linked together by subject and keyword.  So for example if I’m writing about this topic having to do with voice recognition and I wanted to look back to what I have written about voice-recognition over the past six months I could drill down into my history of voice-recognition discussions.  Right now if I wanted to do that I could search my weblog, I could search text that I’ve written in my wiki, I could search for previous e-mails written or sent…. THIS IS A VERY TEDIOUS PROCESS… no one likes to do tedious things, the reward for the work is far less than the energy you had to put in to achieve that award.  Google desktop is quite interesting because it can do part of this process, however looking into those results is still a tedious process.  Let’s go back to the bigger picture here… information retrieval readiness is the name of the game.  Tagging works however it is also tedious, I never end up tagging my wiki’s.  It’s too tedious.  In the process of linking is not easy either.  You have to know the name of the page and you’re never sure if linking to it as totaling necessary.  Because it represents a task at the moment it often gets put off and we never enjoyed a result of linked up information.