Just wanted to post a photo of what I am missing when I’m not living in Bali.

Other news: Tawan has homework, Thailand is having more political problems, was doing some research on Hillary’s RFK statement and discovered this guy Farrakhan, gold is back up to 900 something, went to Karon yesterday with my family and Chris’s family, built a bunch of sand castles and tunnels on the beach, pulled Tawan around on the boogie board, had a mediocre surf this evening however bumped into “talk a lot” Mark who is just back from a trip to the states, time to get to work.

Recently installed software:
Add Muncher: I ended up purchasing the software for 30 bucks after being satisfied with its advertisement blocking capabilities. Lots of webpages load faster, there are no surprise sneaky advertisements, and no music ever starts playing out of nowhere. It is also a power thing; it’s just nice to know that I can turn off everything if I want to.

System safety Monitor: this is an “hips” type of software that helps to protect your system from viruses, Trojans, intrusions, root kits, worms,… I ran it for about a month on the trial and ended up buying it. $40 or so. There might be better out there… but I finally got sick of doing the research and just got this one.

Fling: Jeremy, you might like this one. I wrote about it a month or so ago on this blog; just look into the geeky stuff section for the article.

Google Earth: I finally installed this because I wanted to make some fly through movies of the San Juan Islands… I plan on using the fly through video along with phone interviews in some promotional YouTube videos on working on.

Faroo P2P search engine; I had to uninstall this one because of a problem with a changing the resolution of my screen; I will wait a couple months and see if the new version still has the same problems.

SuperMemo clone: I have been using flashcards to take notes on the books I’m reading; I find that I get much more out of my reading if I review my notes every now and then. Flashcards are a great way to manage this process. The software SuperMemo is just a computerized version of flash cards with a little bit of artificial intelligence built-in to maximize your memory potential. If you don’t want to forget things you might want to check it out. My only problem now is I have several hundred flashcards in physical form that I’d like to get into my computer… I’m not really looking forward to the boring process of loading it up. I wonder if I will ever get around to doing it.