After downloading a podcasting application for my Nokia n73 I wanted to get in some longer URLs to podcasts that I wanted to listen to.  Instead of typing out the URLs into the telephone which can be a very tedious to ask I wanted to use the QR code generator trick.  My other Nokia has the QR code reader included already however my N73 does not.  So I started googling for "N73 QR code reader" and found this

one  (  where you can download it if you click on that link  )… the application installed without a problem but when I tried to open of the program it did nothing.

So I found this alternate application installed and works good.  The only problem is when I take a picture of the QR code containing the podcast link in the phone does not know to open the podcast link up in my podcasting program.  So today I am defeated.

Turns out that the podcasting URL I was dreading to enter was very simple… isn’t it ironic?