Windows onedrive doesn’t support file revisions… Sticking with dropbox

I was considering switching over to Microsoft’s OneDrive because they give me one free terabyte with my annual office subscription. The OneDrive functionality is already baked right into Windows 8.1 so I decided to investigate further. For me, as a website developer OneDrive will not work for me because it does not support file revisions. Meaning if I have a file open in Photoshop and make lots of edits and saves throughout the day as I’m working on it: Dropbox will allow me to roll back to any of the previous versions made within the last 30 days. Side note: I’m not sure if the collective file size of all of those previous versions counts against my drive space allowance. Either way I’m happy.

I don’t think Google drive supports versioning either.

Solved: How to filter out “” from your Google Analytics stats

Q: Why don’t you want Semalt in your Google Analytics stats?

A: Because it distorts your website performance data. This makes it more difficult to make great marketing decisions. In fact hiding Semalt in your website statistics is one of the best marketing decisions you can make right now.

Q: How do I stop Semalt from spidering my wordpress site? Continue reading

Found: Bootstrap 3 online table or grid editor or generator

I need to put a table/grid of info on a website and I want it to be responsive so it looks good on all devices ( yes, that is what responsive means so I didn’t need to add that extra info ) …. On the day I originally wrote this post I could not find what I needed… but today I tried again using a different search phrase… “Bootstrap 3 layout generator” gave me a couple results that look promising! Read on to view the two results I found. Continue reading

Was looking for “super simple idea landing page sales creator”..

Sometimes you have ideas that you’d like to test out…. but simple logistics like buying a domain name, setting up a website, finding photos, tinkering with the design, and the like end up getting in the way and preventing the idea from coming to life. I’ve searched for a “super simple idea landing page sales creator” tool many of times and found nothing that satisfies. To anyone out there considering developing the idea please let me know in the comments if you ever develop it!


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Improving Google Page Speed on Verio VPS Hosted WordPress Sites

Here is a rough guide to how to improve your Google Page Speed scores on your WordPress sites hosted on Verio VPS. After installing a couple plugins, enabling some appache modules, and updating the htaccess I saw my mobile score of 62 jump up to 80 and my Desktop score jump 6 up to 96. Continue reading