Looking for “social reviews consulting services?”

Today I Googled for “social reviews consulting services” and “social reviews consulting” … and there were no decent results…. I find that amazing… I must be searching for the wrong thing.

Cross domain tracking with Google Analytics Escapia

We were having an issue where our Google analytics goals were not properly tracking through the reservations process on our vacation rental Escapia site…. For whatever reason I thought the Universal Google Analytics code was going to solve that problem… However it only solves the multiple subdomains problem. Modifications to your tracking code are required for proper cross domain tracking.… I just follow these instructions found here to solve it.


Why does Gmail take several seconds to send a message?

A few months ago I made the switch from Outlook to Gmail… The switch has been mostly a good experience. However one issue I have detected lately is that messages are taking a little bit longer to send after I click the send button forcing me to sit around waiting like 10 seconds before I can do anything else in my inbox. So I just tried googling for “why does Gmail take several seconds to send a message” and guess what… No helpful search results. If I figure it out I will post the answer back here.

Needed: A Way to Log into My Windows 8.1 Computer with Facial Recognition

I have a MacBook Pro running Windows 8.1 via Boot Camp… I would like to log into my computer using voice recognition or facial recognition and found some software called KeyLemon… The software claims I can use their software to log into my Windows 8.1 installation just by opening up my computer and looking at it. Continue reading


Wanted: Multitouch gestures for windows 8.1 on Macbook Pro Retina with touchpad/trackpad

Windows 8.1 supports multi touch gestures….but as of oct 13th 2014 they don’t work if your running Windows /8.1 on a Macbook Pro( Bootcamp 5.1 ) with a trackpad…. Windows doesn’t seem to have the precision trackpad settings under the “mouse and touchpad” settings. I have tried Trackpad++ …. it has a very limited set of gestures to use. Better than nothing…. free to try… $15 to buy. Wish it had: ability to link keystrokes and hotkeys to multi touch gestures. I spent at least an hour and a half looking around and Googling for things like: like strokeit gestures but for windows 8.1 and  multi touch trackpad gestures windows 8.1. I didn’t find anything worthwhile. Maybe next I’ll try search and learn more about how good the multi touch gestures are in Windows 8.1 and if there are any additional applications out there that can improve the experience.