The possibilities are endless with voice recognition.

Just added three new commands to my global Vocola commands to easily control my last.FM client. If I'm working on something in my browser while listening to last.FM I can just say "Last love this song" which triggers a macro that switches over to last.FM and clicks on the love this song button and then switches back over to my browser.  I know you're thinking

From Tarpley: Reject Obamacare, Enact Medicare for All at $100 per Month

Dear Congressman Van Hollen: I urge you to reject the Obama health care bill. This is not reform; it is a bailout of bankrupt insurance companies at the expense of average working people, obtained through coercion and extortion. Forcing Americans to buy insurance from private, for-profit, deregulated companies is clearly unconstitutional. The idea of a mandate to purchase insurance is a reactionary Republican invention, and we want no part of it. Furthermore, this bill’s $500 billion in Medicare cuts are a direct attack on the economic rights of Americans implemented under the New Deal and the Great Society,

Looking for a tasty gift?

I found these in my freezer tonight... they reminded me of M&Ms fit for a king.  And instead of stale peanuts inside there are dried fruits.  Absolutely brilliant.  Thanks mom Order them online from the manufacturer down in Kent, Washington.

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