How to collaboratively work remotely on a Jekyll website

12/8/2018: We used Jekyll on a project recently and I was happy with the collaborative elements.... we used a github repo connected with that would sftp the site to the webhost. Free github plan and free forestry plan. See more details of the process here. April 2nd, 2015: I`m considering using Jekyll for some upcoming website projects… If I have non-technical clients who would

Solution: OneDrive files set to “available online only” are still taking up local hard drive space

7/7/2016: Update: In fact the files are not actually taking up real space; it just appears to take up hard drive space. I've set an entire folder inside my OneDrive to "available online only" ..... and all of the files have uploaded.... however the files still appear to be taking up local hard drive space. I use an app to visualize the biggest files and folders on

Rocksmith 2011 for xbox 360 issue… purchased song but can’t download…getting error..

Having an issue getting the Rocksmith song that I just paid for ( Jessica by the Allman Brothers )... gives me some kind of error.

Website & Webhost Backup Solutions

I just posted a quick article reviewing a few different popular website backup solutions… the winner is CodeGuard… A little bit more expensive but way cheaper when you consider the possible nightmares of going with the cheaper priced alternatives. It reminds me of a quote my French friend said… "We are not rich enough to buy cheap."

Looking for “social reviews consulting services?”

Today I Googled for "social reviews consulting services" and "social reviews consulting" ... and there were no decent results.... I find that amazing... I must be searching for the wrong thing.

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