Brian the Tazzy

This is Brian, the loud mouthed Tasmanian who helped us win the regatta last week. He came to phuket to test drive the Seacart 30. He got to see it in all conditions. . . Dead calm to 34 knot whiteout squalls. Jock said brian was a great source of brute force and ignorance. Fun times.

Brian the Tazzy2010-07-30T08:35:46-07:00

Thai massage typos

Took this photo today outside the massage shop. . . Click it to enlarge. . . Can you find the typos?

Thai massage typos2010-04-02T01:13:58-07:00

More Koh Lanta

A morning swim for the little guy. He's getting more brave around the surf.Cool sandy beach with wave shots.This one has more contrast.He's at the "lets pick up everything and throw it" stage. Morning coffee was had here.The solar messiah gives way to the danger filled night.

More Koh Lanta2010-03-07T10:52:06-07:00
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