Wanted: Multitouch gestures for windows 8.1 on Macbook Pro Retina with touchpad/trackpad

Windows 8.1 supports multi touch gestures....but as of oct 13th 2014 they don't work if your running Windows /8.1 on a Macbook Pro( Bootcamp 5.1 ) with a trackpad.... Windows doesn't seem to have the precision trackpad settings under the "mouse and touchpad" settings. I have tried Trackpad++ .... it has a very limited set of gestures to use. Better than nothing.... free to try... $15 to buy. Wish it had: ability to link keystrokes and hotkeys to multi touch gestures. I spent at least an hour and a half looking around and Googling for things like: like strokeit gestures but for windows 8.1 and  multi touch trackpad gestures windows 8.1. I didn't find anything worthwhile. Maybe next I'll try [...]