Added Google adsense ads to this blog today

Now that I have my affiliate links to DreamHost automatically hyperlinked everywhere I am feeling like maybe I should get more serious about other ways to make some cash off my blog… passive income is the name of the game. Don’t let me get away with cliché sayings like that… this income is not passive if I’m working on it actively right?

Solution: Simple way to hyperlink every occurrence of a keyword or key phrase on your WordPress blog

It has been on my remember the milk to do list for a couple months now to convert any mentions of DreamHost occurring on my WordPress blog into a affiliate link… they actually offer $97 for every customer you send them.

Solution – Cloud Copy and Paste Android Apps compared

Was looking for an android app that collects items collected to your android clipboard and allows you to re-paste them at a later time. I also wanted the items to be available on other Android devices so that meant it had to be a cloud type tool… here is my progress: Cloud Copy Paste: – This was a no go for me cause the clipboard

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