Life size lego furniture?

Today I was Googling for "lego furniture for adults" because I have often wondered if there was such a product out there. To be more specific I was looking for some sort of modular home furnishings with which you could create simple home furnishings without the need for table saws, drill presses, nail guns, a […]

Visual Watermark Review & Walkthrough

We were looking for an easy way to resize batches of photos and overlay a company logo onto photos and tried out a few different options… this solution “Visual Watermark” was the one that worked best for us. To find this post you might also have searched for “watermarking software review, professional watermarking solution, pro […]

Yahoo’s … not worthwhile

Summary: If your already saving images for the web out of photoshop using the “save for web” tool ( under the file menu ) then your not likely to get big gains using I saw a tweet about yahoo’s service that is supposed to compress images your using in web design without […]