Solution: Simple way to hyperlink every occurrence of a keyword or key phrase on your WordPress blog

It has been on my remember the milk to do list for a couple months now to convert any mentions of DreamHost occurring on my WordPress blog into a affiliate link… they actually offer $97 for every customer you send them.

Setup WordPress on a subdomain on Dreamhost

Today I followed these instructions to setup a wordpress blog ( Custom install NOT simple install ) on a subdomain of a site not hosted with dreamhost. The domain is hosted with a windows host where I don’t want to encounter problems with wordpress ( like I did on verio ). All my wordpress blogs run fine on dreamhost and the setup is fast and simple so I’m sticking with what works.

WordPress Time Machine Plugin….backing up to Amazon S3…Mixed results…

These are misc notes dealing with my efforts to backup all my wordpress sites ( db’s and all customized files plus the wp core files ) before upgrading to the latest version 3.0.4.

Does backupbuddy work and restore to dreamhost?

I’m researching wordpress backup and restore solutions and found this one called backupbuddy. All looks good but does it really work when crap hits the fan… say all my wordpress sites are hacked at once…. what is the restore process look like with my host ( dreamhost ).

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