Solution: FLAC player for Nokia N95?

Image via Wikipedia After about 10 minutes of research I think it’s safe to say that “CorePlayer” is the only software that lets you listen to FLAC files on your nokia N95. Too bad it’s $29. If you know of a working player for the n95 or the n73 please let me know. Thanks

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MobilePress Setup Problems

Image via Wikipedia Installing the MobilePress WordPress plug-in went perfectly via the Word press control panel… I made no configuration changes to the plug-in and then opened up my telephone to view my new mobile version and was surprised that a mobile version did not automatically come up when I visited my website home page. Immediate questions that pop into my mind are:  if I check the “force mobile site” box on the configuration panel will that make the mobile version automatically come up on my telephone? And if so what happens if I visit my website on a desktop computer? […]

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Recent video clips now available

Check out the latest videos that I have uploaded from this page. all of these are shot and edited on my Nokia n95. in order for me to post the video I need to: shoot the video on my phone edit video within my phone (add music, transitions, credits, etc. e-mail the video to my blip TV account from within my phone. the video is automatically posted to my weblog via RSS.

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Where are we today? Just check out this map…

Our position on this map is automatically updated as we travel. Now you can be our big brother. I am a publishing this using my Symbian phone which is a Nokia N95 along with this mapping software:

Where are we today? Just check out this map…2020-01-28T15:52:23-07:00
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