are Diigo results personalized?

Short answer: Yes they seem to be. To unpersonalize your google results the best method I’ve found is to use a ie or firefox plugin called yoast or just go Incognito in Chrome browser.

are Diigo results personalized?2020-01-28T15:51:53-07:00

MobilePress Setup Problems

Image via Wikipedia Installing the MobilePress WordPress plug-in went perfectly via the Word press control panel… I made no configuration changes to the plug-in and then opened up my telephone to view my new mobile version and was surprised that a mobile version did not automatically come up when I visited my website home page. Immediate questions that pop into my mind are:  if I check the “force mobile site” box on the configuration panel will that make the mobile version automatically come up on my telephone? And if so what happens if I visit my website on a desktop computer? […]

MobilePress Setup Problems2020-01-28T15:52:01-07:00

How to make your website mobile friendly without duplicate content penalty

Quick Answer for WordPress users: Install MobilePress. I’m looking for ways to make my existing websites more mobile phone friendly however in the past when I looked into it it was not clear how to avoid Google’s duplicate content penalty. Some solutions involved making a separate domain or subdomain for your mobile content. When I searched for “how to make your website mobile friendly without duplicate content penalty” most of the top results were websites that were not mobile phone friendly on my Nokia phone. Obviously those guys were doing something wrong… why would you go through the effort of making your content mobile phone accessible if people cannot find it when they’re searching for it? […]

How to make your website mobile friendly without duplicate content penalty2020-01-28T15:52:01-07:00

Google chrome indexing pages visited?

My last post about that mobile app was in googles top ten 6 minutes after i posted it to my site. And in 5th position. How did they index it so east? Maybe because i viewed the site using google chrome? Is google chrome now indexing sites users visit? Anyone else experience this?

Google chrome indexing pages visited?2009-10-15T04:55:56-07:00
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