Solution to "could not move because the target channel is hidden”

I was getting this “could not move because the target channel is hidden” error all of a sudden in photoshop when I tried to move layers around. How to fix it: On your layers panel switch to the “channels” tab… you should see a “quick mask” channel on the bottom…. throw that layer into the trash can ( by dragging and dropping it in there ) . That fixed it for me.

Solution to "could not move because the target channel is hidden”2020-01-28T15:51:52-07:00

This guy does sick design work..

Many of his pics are available as desktop wallpaper. Click on them to visit his site:

This guy does sick design work..2011-03-29T11:29:04-07:00

Daily photoshop …Vignettes ( vin-yet ), define pattern,

Went through this tutorial today while working on a new project… fun getting back into photoshop. Of course it’s been fun getting into jquery, javascript, and regular expressions too. If there was enough time in the day I could start playing with python or php. hmm. So I’d like to remember this technique so I’m posting the hightlights from this tutorial here. Original tutorial   Step 11 …Making Vignettes.. ( an engraving, drawing, photograph, or the like that is shaded off gradually at the edges so as to leave no definite line at the border. ) . . Example: Make a solid layer above the image  you want to fade…. make a selection…. Select > Feather > 60px > [...]

Daily photoshop …Vignettes ( vin-yet ), define pattern,2020-01-28T15:51:54-07:00
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