Solution: amazon s3 autosync

Previously I was using a program called TNTDrive to mount my Amazon S3 bucket as a local drive however recently I have been having some of the problems with my computer that caused TNTDrive to stop working. The support personnel were more than helpful in trying to figure out why I was having problems and […]

Solution: Can we put links into a dropbox?

I’ve had this problem…. I get an email with a link in it and I want to open the link on my mobile phone ( Android / Iphone / Symbian ) .… I’ve got dropbox installed on my mobile and I was looking for an easy way to get that link from my desktop into […]

Life size lego furniture?

Today I was Googling for "lego furniture for adults" because I have often wondered if there was such a product out there. To be more specific I was looking for some sort of modular home furnishings with which you could create simple home furnishings without the need for table saws, drill presses, nail guns, a […]