How to get wordpress to “upgrade automatically” on via Verio ( linux not windows )

If your not comfy with the following steps ( I wasn't ) please call verio support: 888 224 9346 . I was super happy with the tech that helped me.Here is what the verio support tech did to get everything working properly:Enabled curl and ftp libraries/extensions ( this only need to be done once to your server )Then:Apache needs write permissions to the folders so

Solution: amazon s3 autosync

Previously I was using a program called TNTDrive to mount my Amazon S3 bucket as a local drive however recently I have been having some of the problems with my computer that caused TNTDrive to stop working. The support personnel were more than helpful in trying to figure out why I was having problems and I still totally recommend their product because of its small memory footprint and download size and simplicity. That being said I needed a solution so I finally set the time aside to find a alternative. First of all my needs are quite simple… I just want to have a simple way to upload my stylesheets to Amazon S3 where they can be referenced from webpages that I designed/developed.

Solution: Can we put links into a dropbox?

I’ve had this problem…. I get an email with a link in it and I want to open the link on my mobile phone ( Android / Iphone / Symbian ) .… I’ve got dropbox installed on my mobile and I was looking for an easy way to get that link from my desktop into my mobile phone via the dropbox. I couldn’t find anything when I searched for “can we put links into a dropbox” so I tried searching for “save a website as a shortcut into your dropbox” and wah-lah… what do we have here!!

Solution to "could not move because the target channel is hidden”

I was getting this “could not move because the target channel is hidden” error all of a sudden in photoshop when I tried to move layers around. How to fix it: On your layers panel switch to the “channels” tab… you should see a “quick mask” channel on the bottom…. throw that layer into the trash can ( by dragging and dropping it in there

Life size lego furniture?

Today I was Googling for "lego furniture for adults" because I have often wondered if there was such a product out there. To be more specific I was looking for some sort of modular home furnishings with which you could create simple home furnishings without the need for table saws, drill presses, nail guns, a garage to hold all of that stuff, and the budget to buy all of that stuff, plus of the confidence and ability to follow through with making all the stuff. My search revealed these websites of interest…

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